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25 min.
Filmed on location in far west Texas, MAID reimagines the spiritual journey of Joan of Arc in a modern and sometimes magical setting. Along the way, it runs the gamut of cinematic tropes—sword fights, car chases, ghosts, UFOs, buffoon-cops and a scrappy working-class heroine in peril—to bring the audience on a deceptively entertaining journey to epiphany. When we pick up the story Joan is keeping her head down, quietly working as a hotel maid in a small border town. Mystical forces roust her from hiding, and a nighttime chase ensues through the streets and alleys of Marfa. In a strange alliance Joan's enemies, her saints, and the mysterious Marfa Lights all converge to compel her toward martyrdom. Ultimately Joan must embrace her destiny, and enter the fire with faith and grace. MAID is the first cinematic adaptation of the work of visionary American playwright Erik Ehn. The short film distills many of the unique qualities of Erik’s writing, blending a deep seriousness of purpose with vibrant, lively poetry and fantastical imagery. MAID is directed by Erik's long-time theatrical collaborator Raphael Parry, and produced by filmmakers Julia Dyer (THE PLAYROOM, LATE BLOOMERS) and Jennie Lyn Hamilton (FAR MARFA). Hayley Orrantia (ABC's The Goldbergs) stars as Joan.
Screening with: Spider Veins,
Raphael Parry
Julia Dyer