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Comedy Show
A Night of Comedy
120 min.
You know you like to laugh so join DBFF for a Night of Laughter with two really funny guys. Comedian Derrick Keener is a physical comic with the enhanced talents of song, mimic, and impersonations, Alfred Kainga, a comedian originally from the southern African country of Zimbabwe, has been able to create his own unique style of comedy that is complimented by his African heritage combined with his experiences of living in the US for the past 16 years.
Derrick Keener, Alfred Kainga

Derrick Keener
Derrick Keener is a comedy purist who identifies comedy and gives forth funny in every dimension. A physical comic with the enhanced talents of song, mimic and impersonations, Derrick is organically gifted and has been thrown amongst the ranks of the greats. He gets in where he fits it because there is no amount of preparation needed for him to fill in the cracks where seasoned comedians used to be. He’s fresh and new with the skills of a comedian whose done it all of their lives. His delivery is relatable to mass appeal audiences and he adjusts himself seamlessly in any room. Described as the new version of old school comedy, Derrick is gaining momentum amongst talent bookers and promoters all over the U.S. From his great story telling to his spot-on timing, his funny has a rhythm that audiences find naturally embraceable. It's easy to see why this Arkansas native has Hollywood written all over him. His versatility makes him a hit anywhere. Whether it's on tour with David and Tamela Mann (Tyler Perry's, Meet the Browns) or featuring for famed Comedian Earthquake, this young man is guaranteed to deliver. Currently tapped by BMG, Inc. as their new go-to- guy for all things newly emerging, Derrick Keener has presently landed a spot with the coveted Celebration of Praise Tour with the beloved Fred Hammond. His comedic brand was a shoe in for the cohesive glue the bound the run of show beautifully. Derrick is the son of a preacher who got his start in comedy on the campus of Prairie View A&M University where he majored in theatre. His theatre coach told him to consider stand-up comedy and then he provided Keener with a platform; and Derrick hasn't looked back since. From stage plays the likes of Marriage Material and Love Overboard or comedy specials like Comics Edge or Uncontrolled Comedy, Derrick has been on a tear any time he touched the mic. One promoter put it like this "Derrick Keener is a star. I'm just waiting on the rest of the world to see it’…and it’s possible the rest of the world will see it as he approaches the eve of one of America’s most sought after tours. BOOKING & CONTACT INFO Jai Jones 214-497-2979
Alfred Kainga
Comedian Alfred Kainga started doing stand up comedy on the local Texas comedy scene in 2006 but turned professional in 2010 after he had caught the attention of comedy club managers and promoters who started booking him on a regualar basis. Originally from the southern African country of Zimbabwe, Alfred Kainga has been able to create his own unique style of comedy that is compliment by his African heritage which he talks about in his routines combines with his experiences of living in the US for the past 16 years. In 2014 Alfred was a finalist in the Funniest Comic in Texas competition and can be seen performing regularly at the Improv Comedy Clubs and universities across the country. He can also be seen on Comedy Central on Kevin Hart's tv show Hart of the City.