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The Tungsten Ruby Riders Tour with Pink Navel, Sb the Moor, Sha Ray and Vast ness.

Pink Navel
Pink Navel is a non binary rapper originally based out of the South Shore of MA, but has relocated to Maine to join Ruby Yacht at their headquarters. As a self proclaimed Nintendo and Disney collector, Navel's music tends to blend the carefree cadence of cartoons with introspective lyrics on gender identity and mental health.
Twitter: @pinknavelonline
IG: @dotdev_
Sb the Moor
SB the Moor AKA Christian McLaurin is a cali born and raised artist, weirdo, and psychonaut. Known for their enigmatic presence and inability to be pinned down, their art is a synthesis of personal experience and observation. Their projects are unbound by genre, skipping over boundaries and rules like a child does in hopscotch, and include records, zines, clothing, prose, and comics, all utilized to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Currently a music educator for all ages, they reside in Sacramento, CA working on their Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. Ruby Yacht forever! 
Twitter & IG: @sbthemoor
Sha Ray
Sha Ray is a rapper and multi-instrumentalist from Indianapolis, IN currently based out of San Francisco, CA. Joining the rap collective, Ruby yacht, in 2019, Sha Ray gon’ stay reimagining independent black feminine rap. 
Twitter & IG @kanekalonia
Vast ness
Twitter: @vast_ness
IG: @vandalvast
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