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Battleship Potemkin (1925) is one the greatest masterpiece of the silent movie era. See the digital restoration on screen with live piano score by Chris Jarrett

Chris Jarrett has composed a piano score to Sergei Eisenstein's famous silent movie. The theme of this film - often considered one of the most ingenious productions in all of film history - is the people's rebellion in the Russia of 1905.

Chris Jarrett's completely personal, partially improvised, partially composed score underlines Sergei Eisenstein's anti-militaristic message. His music is much more than an accompaniment; it is a personal comment, taking a stand for the politically oppressed and mistreated.


For decades now, the U.S.-born pianist and composer Chris Jarrett has been living in Germany. Jazz, classical, avant-garde and ethnic styles merge stunningly in his music. For this reason, he is often referred to by music journalists as a "rebel" against the "piano-establishment". The music of Chris Jarrett is vital and impulsive, full of breaks and surprises and rarely fits into the usual categories of the music industry. For Chris Jarrett, Frank Zappa is an equally valuable model as are the masters of the Baroque or the Renaissance. His repertoire ranges from atonal miniatures, to sonatas, film scores, ballet and opera.

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