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The guys at Bonetown BBQ continue with a special Octoberfest menu of brats and more!

Check out their menu at bonetownbbqtruck.com Octoberfest special items will be added this week.

If you don’t like BBQ or Octoberfest food or you are a vegetarian (or vegan), then our Octoberfest is a challenge as there are mostly meat-based items (the exception, for vegetarians, being a delicious mac and cheese).

There will be live music by Mark T Small.


  • No parties over 6. We will not accommodate a party of more than 6 people.  If your party has over 6 people, please choose another venue for your evening.
  • $21/table (think of it as a carload price, it's one price whether you are solo or with 5 other people).  
  • The event is 5:45 pm to 8 pm.  
  • This is a 21+ event.  No person under 21 admitted (this includes infants).
  • Locally grown beer, cider, and wine are available for sale ONLY after a food purchase.
  • Masks MUST be worn in accordance with local and state guidelines.
  • Visit BuzzardsBrew.com for more of our re-opening guidelines.