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“LIVE! With The Other Side” is an interactive evening of unwavering validation that the other side can and will communicate with us. World renowned Medium: Tessa Groff delivers life-changing readings to the audience from loved ones in spirit. World renowned paranormal investigator and television sensation: Nick Groff provides evidence of the afterlife through never-before-seen videos, stories and interactive audience Q&A. The audience will leave with hope, healing, and knowledge that the “other side” is not as far from the physical world as we think.

The “paranormal power couple” Tessa and Nick Groff, both have extensive histories in the paranormal and spirit world. Both Tessa and Nick had near death experiences as children. This led them on their separate journies to learn more about the afterlife and use their abilities to help others.

Nick Groff's first documentary film he created was "Ghost Adventures". The documentary aired in 2007 on the SyFy channel with a record breaking 1.4 million viewers on a Friday night. Nick spent 10 seasons on "Ghost Adventures" with his GA Crew before venturing out to create other hit shows such as “Paranormal Lockdown”, and his current show “Death Walker” (airing worldwide). His record-breaking shows, and paranormal investigating have redefined the world’s knowledge and evidence of the afterlife.

Tessa Groff has been able to see and communicate with spirit since the young age of 4. Tessa's career took off as she began reading people nationally and internationally around the world. She has been involved in hundreds of paranormal cases as well as criminal investigations for missing persons and homicides. Tessa appears on her husband Nicks hit show “Death Walker” giving insight using her mediumship. Tessa is sought out by many celebrity faces in the entertainment world— and continues to provide audiences and people around the world with validation that their loved ones are safe and at peace.

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