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"Magen King: From a Memorable Laugh to Stand-up Stardom"
It all started at an audition for a movie that never saw the light of day, but what shone brightly was Magen King's natural comedic flair. It was there she made Kevin Hart –yes, that comedy giant Kevin Hart– laugh uproariously. His advice to her was simple yet life-changing: dive into stand-up comedy. Magen took these words to heart, and the rest is history.

Today, Magen King is not just a comedian; she's a force in the comedy world. An award-winning radio host turned stand-up sensation; her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She's shared stages with comedy stars like Drew Lynch, Andrew Dice Clay, Shawn Wayans, and Mark Curry. Her tours have included collaborations with Tim Meadows, Mitch Fatel, and Nick Griffin, showcasing her versatility and appeal.

Magen's dedication to her craft began in her teens, leading her to hone her skills under the tutelage of esteemed institutions like Upright Citizens Brigade, and local comedy
mentor, Dean Lewis. Her commitment to comedy is also reflected in her role as the director of stand-up at Dallas Comedy Club, where she developed the curriculum for Stand Up Levels 1 through 3. Her expertise is in high demand, with her classes consistently selling out.

Her presence has graced television on the CW and numerous esteemed comedy clubs, including The Hollywood Laugh Factory, Burbank’s Flappers, Addison Improv, and Denver’s Comedy Works. In her hometown of Dallas, she's a celebrated local headliner, captivating audiences at Addison Improv, Dallas Comedy Club, Slapstixs, Comics Live,
The Grove, and The Loony Bin.

Magen's accolades are a testament to her comedic prowess. She was a finalist in the World Series of Comedy and a finalist for three consecutive years in the Funniest Comic in Texas. Her talent was further recognized when she was voted Best in Fest at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2021.

On stage, Magen transforms the challenges of single parenthood into a wellspring of laughter. She contrasts raising three teenagers in today's world with her own experiences as a 90’s latchkey kid, offering insightful, relatable, and downright hysterical commentary. Her self-deprecating humor, approachability, and undeniable wit make her performances unforgettable.

Magen King is more than a comedian; she's a storyteller who finds humor in life's twists and turns, making every show a memorable experience for her audience.