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An up-and-coming husband and wife comedy team from Detroit is making waves all across the country! 

From the absurdities of childhood, marriage, parenting and work-life balance to the weird and funny world of stand up comedy, their show has something for everyone.

Jason Gilleran debuted on Detroit’s thriving comedy scene in 2017. Along with his stand up comedienne wife Robyn, they are Hard G Comedy, and produce The NEW Bob Sadowski Comedy Show as well as “Thumbthing Funny” and “Laughing All the Way to the Bank” in the thumb of Michigan. He is a regular at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and One Night Stan’s and has featured for John Heffron at the Traverse City Comedy Club and performed in the 2023 Traverse City Comedy Fest. His 20 years of experience as a Urologist (aka “the Dick Doc”) means he’s seen a few things. Things he can’t unsee. Jason brings a fast pace, almost absurdist view of the things he finds funny, like bad food, good music, and an ongoing mid life crisis as a Gen X husband and father. And yes, there are dick jokes. 

Robyn Gilleran is a comedian based in Detroit, MI and is the better (looking) half of Hard G Comedy along with her husband Jason. This former fat kid and current actor/model is the mother of teenage boys and has a lot to say about growing up, motherhood and life in general. She has performed on stages across the US including Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, One Night Stan's Comedy Club, The Detroit House of Comedy, Traverse City Comedy Club and Funny Farm, as well as Gildas Laughfest, The Travese City Comedy Fest and the Detroit Women in Comedy Festival. She's sure to catch you off guard and teach you to never judge a book by her cover.