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From The Grave

Officially founded in 2006, From the Grave is a progressive southern metal experiment that blends sinister and phantasmic tones with haunting riffs. This touring and recording trio of cosmic doom consists of front man Heath Thomas on lead guitar/vocals, Taylor Kimbrell on bass, and Michael Mangum on drums. Much of From the Grave's music is inspired by life experiences, film, literature, and original poetry. From the Grave pairs well with artists such as Opeth, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Type O Negative.

From the Grave's current discography includes their first studio album "Mausoleum" (2013), "Around the Fire EP" (2019), and their most recent record "Indian Burial Ground" (2021). The group consists of members from Oklahoma and Texas, but consider themselves a North Texas band with roots in both Denison and Sherman, Texas. As a professional southern power trio, From the Grave has performed at many venues in the southern US and shared the stage with artists such as Big Business, Whey Jennings, Crobot, Anti-Mortem, Scattered Hamlet, Texas Hippie Coalition, and The Murder Junkies.

  1. #1 in Reverbnation charts for Texomaland
  2. "This band sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a dark antebellum Halloween party. I wanna see them perform." - Reckless Rock Radio KNON 89.3
  3. Nominated for Best Metal Band at The MXD MAG Rock and Metal Awards 2019
  4. Powder Creek Pavilion describes From the Grave as "alternating between clean melodic, and Heavy Drive. Talented musicians all. Will keep you pumping your fist. Impossible to ignore."
  5. "Metal band From the Grave gave us their take on this fabric-torn nation, releasing the new video for Invest on the Inside with lyrics and images that speak to how 'hate has carved these streets of stone' where 'tragedy brings us back home.' " - David Fletcher, Dallas Observer
  6. "These songs are absolutely killer...I love the powerful sound and melodies... The level of the album is always high, (from the beginning to the end) and there are no boring or low moments. I think that your style and sound are quite original. A combination of many influences but I can't relate you to any other band in particular and this is a great point, this means that you sound unique. Your music is very powerful and the vocals are great... Professional production, recordings and mix....Well done, I really like your product!" - WormHoleDeath Records
  7. "Excited to receive the vinyl from From the Grave's 2nd full-length. Dedicated to the late Mark Thomas and Tob Anderson, the art and packaging are superb. If you're into dark gothic metal, don't pass this up. Mastered at Treelady Studios." - Treelady Studios



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