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In the US, political institutions are often seen as neutral, but in fact they reflect choices and compromises about how we balance between majority and minority interests. Panelists will look at the way different systems of electoral decision-making in a democracy can, by themselves, lead to very different outcomes, and what can be done to reform them in ways that result in more responsive and deliberative legislative bodies.   

Moderator: Danielle Allen


  • Lee Drutman (New America Foundation) is a thought leader and prolific author on reforming political parties, electoral systems and Congress.
  • Katie Fahey (Of The People) leads an organization dedicated to pursuing reforms to empower individuals in the political system.
  • Cara McCormick (Cofounder, Committee for Ranked Choice Voting) is an activist and leader of organizations dedicated to electoral reforms at all levels, from the local to the presidential. 
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