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Come and join us as we launch Alamo Arcade, an exciting hosted multiplayer competition held at our specialty bar. Attendees will have the opportunity to buy a $5 game play ticket, which will enter them into a draw for a chance to win fantastic prizes from Alamo Drafthouse.


How It Works

$5 game play ticket. 16 players total.

Check-in with the host when you arrive and they will begin assigning player slots in the tournament.

What To Expect

This event will feature five rounds of gameplay. There are mystery achievements that you can unlock during gameplay that will give you an opportunity to win prizes.

Each month we will announce new games for the tournament. 

Round 1


The player with the highest banana count is seeded first (lives also count towards this!), then followed by second, third, etc.

Round 2


This round is a co-op round and is about points not speed. Players will be split into groups of 4 making 4 teams. The teams will explore levels, kill goombas and find secret stars to get their scores up. The top two teams with the highest score move on. 

Round 3

This is our Mystery Game Round. The winners of those two games will go on to the final round. Players won't know what the game is until round 3 begins. 

Round 4

There are 14 players participating in this round, all of them except for the two championship contenders, have an opportunity to win the third place prize. But here's the twist, players will be guessing stats based on the Alamo emcee's gaming skills.

Round 5 - The Championship Round

The final two players will have 5 minutes to get the furthest in Donkey Kong Country. The player who goes the furthest will be our champion!

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Barrel O' Fun
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All Ages