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Strawberry Milk Cult
Strawberry Milk Cult is a religious organization that is poisoning the minds of the youth by being a band from Texas, formed during the summer of 2017 by two high school sophomores (Dylan and Josh). Originally going by Dirty Beach, then Bipolaroid, before an epic legal battle with someone who already had that name forced them to face the music. It was time to summon the power of the occult to make sweet sweet music that would entrance the youth of not just the U.S, but the entire globe! 
Originally operating in a similar style to “bands” like Tame Impala or Dayglow, Strawberry Milk Cult independently released their first EP, “eggs”, under the name Dirty Beach/Bipolaroid in 2018, finding early traction online on places like SoundCloud and YouTube after songs like “Purple Honey” and “Wet Cigarettes” gained tens of thousands of streams thanks to their lo-fi, nostalgic sound. The following year, in 2019, the name ‘Strawberry Milk Cult’ was settled on, and the then ‘band’ released their debut self-titled, self-produced album, featuring singles like “MF Gloom” “Mustard” and “Portland” which have since garnered the band millions of  streams (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and worldwide recognition.
Today, the occult we know and love is finally a real and true group, consisting of original member Dylan aka Skizzy Bones (vocals/guitar), Jesse (drums), and other Dylan (lead guitar). New to the group is Titan (bass), of the Texas punk band Manhole, which also includes all three members of Strawberry Milk Cult. SMC is set to release their best material to date, taking their sound in a new and exciting direction full of fuzz, psychedelia, and good old fashioned indie vibes. The world takeover begins now!
Deniz Love
Deniz Love brings a much needed new perspective to the world of indie-pop, tapping into his multicultural heritage and diverse tastes to share his message of love. A dual-citizen of The United States and Turkey, Deniz has taken an unusual path to the brink of indie stardom. Now, with the release of his most compelling material to date, the Houston based artist is poised to reach his largest audience yet.
Before launching his career in music, Deniz was a top ranked Division one college soccer player. His natural gift for the beautiful game allowed him to travel the world extensively, meeting people from every walk of life, and listening to their stories. These years of travel set the stage for the border-defying style that would later come to define his music. Deniz was on his way to going pro, training with MLS’s Houston Dynamo when his career was abruptly cut short by a devastating injury. It would prove to be a blessing in disguise, however, as it offered Deniz the opportunity to find his true purpose in life - music.
Songwriting offered Deniz an opportunity to heal - to become more aware of his innermost emotions and his place in the world. Fueled by a desire to bring people together, he began pouring all of his energy into jubilant indie pop songs. The response from fans and critics was overwhelming. Described as the “Texas Favorite” by MTV, he earned praise for his breakthrough single, “Think Less, Feel More”, collecting positive comparisons to The 1975 and Dayglow. The deeply personal nature of his writing, however, gives him a style unlike anything else. Since then, Deniz and his band have continued to build momentum, completing a sold out tour opening for Hotel Ugly. 
Deniz’s debut EP ‘Between The Tides’ was released in late 2021. A collection of sweeping songs exploring love, identity, and the beauty of the sea, it is the perfect example of what makes Deniz so special. With a steady stream of new content expected for 2022 and beyond, Deniz Love is ready to make a meaningful impact on the modern music world.
Max Diaz
Max Diaz is an independent Artist/ singer song writer Based in Houston Texas. Max writes, records, and fully self produces everything he releases. Blending the combinations between Indie and Alternative Rock, Max is Paving the way for a Defined sound in his Music. Max is currently working on his upcoming album apart from his multiple singles, and A full Cover EP. As Max continues to Grow and create, all he wants to express in his motto is - “ music speaks, it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are, it’s a universal language that should be enjoyed by everyone.