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For this special event, the film Eno will be created live in real time on stage using the Teenage Engineering Brain One live film synth by filmmaker Gary Hustwit, and this version will never be seen again.

Eno is the first documentary about the pioneering artist Brian Eno and the first generative feature film. The narrative is structured by ‘Brain One', the proprietary generative software created by Hustwit and digital artist Brendan Dawes, using an algorithm trained on footage from Eno's extensive archive and Hustwit's interviews with Eno, it pieces together a film that is unique at each viewing. As the order of scenes perpetually changes and what’s included is never certain, the version you see is the only time that iteration will exist. “In some ways, the film is kind of like exploring the insides of his brain… it's different memories and ideas and experiences over a 50-year plus time frame.” 

The screening will be followed by Q&A with Gary Hustwit.

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The Texas Theatre
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