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It’s hard to describe Patrice Pike’s music as one particular genre. It’s part rock, part R&B, some soul and jazz appear in the mix, and that’s not to mention all the world influences.  Though, for listeners of Pike’s music, they would describe it not as a genre, but as an experience. Music is meant to inspire, to evoke emotion, to create a shared experience of the human condition.

Pike’s music and well-crafted lyrics create their own melodic solution to how we can navigate a world full of heartbreak with hope. Even in her songs that don’t shy away from hard topics such as poverty, gun control, and different forms of tragedy, Pike’s music is always about hope and finding the strength to continue.

Whether she’s singing, playing the guitar, or rocking out on percussion, Pike’s music reminds us to be compassionate with ourselves and others, and to celebrate all that this life has to offer.

Patrice has toured with Blues Traveler, Sarah MacLachlan, Allman Brothers, Dave Matthews, John Fogerty, Sinead O’Connor and many others.

Originally from Dallas, Pike moved to Austin in 1992 and was the front woman of the seminal Austin jam band, Little Sister aka Sister Seven. They released a number of well-received studio albums, including This the Trip, which gained Billboard Chart recognition for its track “Know What You Mean.”

After Sister Seven disbanded, Pike continued to play with Sister Seven’s lead guitarist Wayne Sutton and has released several studio and live albums.

In 2017, Pike and Sutton founded a new musical project, aptly called Pike and Sutton, and released the album Heart Is a Compass in April 2020. They were scheduled to tour internationally after playing Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2019.

After the complete implosion of the live music business due to the pandemic, Patrice has re-grouped and is currently working with Hunter Hendrickson and John Bush, both formerly of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, among other projects. They are developing a new collection of music together with their band for release in 2024.