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Join us for an evening of Virtual Magic over Zoom . 8 p.m. CT . 

Confetti Eddie will perform a virtual magic show full of interactive effects.  The show is 45-50 minutes and suitable for all ages. Musical Guest to be announced. 

Mandalorian the Magician
“Mandolini Chapter 2”
By Confetti Eddie
Mandolini is a 45minute all-ages interactive virtual show that combines the art of magic with The Mandalorian television show’s story plot. Magicians and mandalorians both use gimmicks and technology to gain advantages make escapes and create misdirection.
Take a trip to the galaxy’s edge with Confetti Eddie and play Mandolini’s challenge. Find the name and location of a bounty. Use force magic to correctly match Grogus prediction then upgrade your armor as a final reward. Fans of the television show will enjoy the references. Fans of magic will enjoy the illusions. One ticket good for entire household. Meeting room and passcode information is emailed along with receipt once ticket is purchased.

Once tickets are purchased you will find the ZOOM passcode on the event feed.


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