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Every child of the 80s remembers the joy they felt while playing "Street Fighter II" and the hope they had for the game's inevitable big screen adaptation. That's why every child of the 80s no longer has any hope. 
Now the Mocky Horror Picture Show, Dallas' only live, interactive, movie mocking comedy show, is giving YOU the chance to fight back with its live riff of Street Fighter starring the late Raul Julia as the villainous M.Bison (that makes sense) and Jean Claude Van Damme as the American hero Guile (not so much). 
Mocky Horror features comedians Liz Barksdale, Danny Gallagher and Albie Robles performing a live, written riff script on a movie in the theater for a live audience. They also throw prompts on the screen so the audience can yell lines and use props to interact with the movie with them. 
Their next public mockery will take on the 1994 big screen adaptation of the video game Street Fighter at the Texas Theatre at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 25. Tickets are $15 per person and come with a bag of props to use during the movie. 
Visit mockyhorror.com to learn more about the group and see future show dates. 
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