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Join us at #MUTTSFW on Sunday, May 23rd from 11 am for a very special event led by Brad Bevill, a local celebrity dog trainer!
Tickets are $50 and include 90 min seminar, Q&A, and complimentary mimosa upon arrival. If you are interested in a one-on-one consulting session after the class, an additional $100 ticket is available for purchase!
Here's more information about the program:
Bevill Dog Behavior contains relationship-based, behavioral trainers. We don’t deliver robot dogs – we deliver balanced dogs. A well-known trainer and author, Marc Goldberg, says – “I can train your dog to follow its leader, but I can’t train it to not need one.” And we agree.
We train dogs to live in a calm, follower state-of-mind, modify their problem behaviors, and educate humans on how to maintain a harmonious home through species-specific fulfillment, calm, confident leadership and clear, consistent communication.


Tickets are limited. See you at the park! #creatingrebarkablememories

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Mutts FW
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