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Join us for an Improv Double Bill featuring: Bindle Buddies & Dor Bel! 
Bindle Buddies: 
The Bindle Buddies have traveled far and wide to be with you.  Equipped with only information the audience provides them, and the imagination found in their knapsacks, The Bindle Buddies are here to weave a completely improvised tale for you, never to be seen again.  Travel with us, why dontcha?
Dor Bel:
Dor Bel is a loose-living room show with Jack Ritchey, Emily Sue Tomac, and Chris Hansen, plus 3 new friends every time. We’ll tell some stories, do some bits, and in the end we’ll all make some new friends. And after all, isn’t that why we’re here? So don’t be mad as an ox, enjoy a ray of friendship!