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It's been a rough year plus all around. Not just for music venues and musicians but for live music lovers as well. So here's what we have cooked up with some like minded musicians. Rather than do a ticketed event we have made the collective decision to just do a for lack of a better pay what you will kinda thing. All acts will be performing a 45 min. set each of original live music and there will be a tip bucket at the front of the stage that your generous donations to live music will go to at the end of their set. On our part we will be providing BBQ and cold beers to all the performers. In past years we have just closed down on July 4th and had a get together at our house with employees, regular performers on our stage and regular patrons and just did a pass the hat. This year, given all we have all been through we're kicking things up a notch and hopefully turning what has been in past years a small back yard gathering into a community event that we can carry on for years to come. 

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Six Springs Tavern
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