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Dead Man 4K Restoration + True Widow / Troller Behind the Screen

True Widow, Troller

July 14, 2018
Doors 7:00pm
Showtime 8:00pm
Texas Theatre (map)
231 W. Jefferson Blvd
Dallas TX 75208

Mutant Wave & Texas Theatre Present:

A new 4K Janus Films restoration of Jim Jarmusch's 1995 Western, Dead Man. Featuring austerely beautiful black-and-white photography by Robby Müller and a live-wire score by Neil Young, Dead Man is a profound and unique revision of the western genre.

Following, we will have live performances by:

◊ True Widow ◊

TRUE WIDOW craft patient, rounded music that calls to mind images of foggy dawns and parched fields. Formed in Nov 2007, TRUE WIDOW released their self-titled debut a year later and immediately caught the ears of the underground. At its core, the music of TRUE WIDOW is powered by the driving, guitar-dense aspects of shoegaze and stoner rock and the heavy, low-moving evocations of ambient music.

◊ Troller ◊

TROLLER formed in 2010 out of Austin's dense electronic and experimental scene and played a key role in the founding of Holodeck Records. The trio’s synthesizer and drum machine half-time rhythms impeccably complement bassist and vocalist Amber Goers’ heavy riffing and charismatically tortured voice. From the onset, Troller‘s compelling live performances immediately distinguished them as a promising up-and-coming project yet to reach its peak. 

movie at 8!
show at 10:30!

Movie - $10/ Show $12/ Combo 20

18 & up