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DC & The Night Marshals -

Dustin Chadwell

Dustin Chadwell, known affectionately as D.C., stands as the charismatic frontman and rhythmic force behind the vibrant soundscape of D.C. & The Night Marshals. Hailing from the vibrant community of Cleveland, Oklahoma, D.C. was steeped in the rich musical tapestry of the American heartland from an early age. Drawing inspiration from the soulful melodies of classic country and the raw energy of blues-rock, D.C. honed his craft as both a singer and a guitarist, weaving poignant lyrics and infectious hooks into the band’s signature sound With his dynamic stage presence and heartfelt performances, D.C. leads The Night Marshals on a journey through the highways and byways of Americana, captivating audiences with each impassioned verse and every electrifying riff.


In the tight-knit brotherhood of D.C. & The Night Marshals, D.C. serves not only as a musical visionary but also as a unifying force, bringing together diverse talents under the banner of heartfelt storytelling and authentic expression. With his roots firmly planted in the red dirt of Oklahoma, D.C. channels the spirit of his surroundings into each song, infusing the band’s music with a sense of place and purpose. From smoky barrooms to festival stages, D.C. & The Night Marshals deliver a sonic experience that resonates with audiences far and wide, fueled by D.C.’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his boundless passion for the power of music.


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We require guests under 21 years of age to purchase Under 21 GA or Under 21 VIP tickets due to the enhanced amount of security that underage patrons require. We understand that not all of our underage guests are attempting to break the law by consuming alcohol...however, we must take all appropriate precautions due to our responsibilities as a Licensed Seller of Alcohol.

Security and Guest Safety

We reserve the right to remove any guest at anytime for any reason (or event) that we deem "unacceptable". We do not condone or allow the use of drugs on or in our property - including Marijuana and THC related items. Our guest's safety is one of our highest priorities and we appreciate you in helping create a safe environment for our guests.

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