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Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper Austin Premiere

Glen Buxton Birthday Screening

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November 10, 2019
Doors 11:30am
Alamo Drafthouse (Austin) (map)
1120 South Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78704
To celebrate the Blonde Bomber's 72nd Birthday Cacophony! Presents will be doing a special Austin Premiere of LFTA & CCC to celebrate the one and only Glen Buxton.  Special G.B. cakes will be served during the Q+A with director/editor Steven Gaddis & producer Chris Penn in Theatre 8.
Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper is an award-winning documentary about the power of one person’s belief in a dream to achieve the impossible.  Chris Penn, an Alice Cooper super-fan, goes through extraordinary lengths to convince the original lineup of his favorite band to reunite after parting ways over 40 years ago, and makes it happen in his record store!  The historic event, recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was captured on camera in a blistering set of redemptive Rock and Roll mayhem, and has become a defining moment in Alice Cooper’s career.  This film chronicles the event that spawned the fastest-selling 7” in Record Store Day history!
Based on the song 'Cold Cold Coffin' by Dennis Dunaway (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Founding Member of The Alice Cooper Group) this Rock Cinema Short tells the story of a wealthy tycoon who discovers his young bride married him for his Estate. Heartbroken and angry, he exacts revenge by having himself cryogenically frozen in order to outlive her so she can't get his money.  Starring Dennis Dunaway and Calico Cooper.
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All Ages