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Jason Salmon is a comedian, actor, writer and carnivore born during a freak hailstorm in Texas & based in the human freak-storm of New York City.  
He has traveled throughout the US & the world doing standup including two stints performing for the troops in Europe & Afghanistan.  
His standup album, “Force of Nurture” hit #1 on iTunes and is available wherever you listen to comedy or Music.
He’s been featured as a voice in the video game, Red Dead Redemption 2, he has acted in a ton of commercials and TV shows like, Orange is the New BlackWu TangAmy Sedaris30 Rock, and with Comedy Central as their resident Cowboy
His comedy has been described as “…like getting the best advice you’ve ever gotten…from the dumbest guy you know.”  And he feels like that's fair.


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Hyenas Fort Worth
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18 & up