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Foul Play Follies

$20.00 to $164.00 +fee & tax
18 & up


1350 Manufacturing St. STE 120

Dallas, TX 75207

Foul Play Follies

Hot Spring's Foul Play Cabaret brings their production to Dallas for the first time!

Let us take you back to a time where the Great Ziegfeld curated his elaborate Theatrical productions which engulfed New York City with glitz and glamour. The Marvelous sets, the exceptional costumes, and the Beautiful women created a magical ambiance that enticed people from miles around to see the spectacle. The Foul Play has been working for months to bring you just that, a land of delight for you!

We will have Performances from The Spa City Starlets of Strip, Ruby Lead, Arkansas' precious gem, is living proof that big things come in small packages. Her petite frame specializes in bumps and grinds that are guaranteed to wow your mind and send chills down your spine. Violet D'Vine, a vivacious vixen, is the embodiment of sexuality. Her well-oiled hips pump out high-volume screams and her wine-colored lips blow kisses that are sensual enough to bring a Viking to his knees. Doris Night, the dancing canvas, is so artfully adorned you will be hoping she'll come close to give you a better look. The trance she induces with her elegant arsenal can only be broken with body she is hiding behind them. Watch her whirl and twirl and leave you wanting more. Rosa Lee Bloom, our own firey red head! A woman of outstanding beauty and grace, she'll steal your heart with her innocence and seal the deal with the body to match and Vinny Vadge, the silver tongued master of ceremonies is a quick-witted riot. His charm on stage between acts is so effortless and endearing you might want to remove all of your own clothing, but please, leave this to the professionals of The Foul Play Cabaret!