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Resound Presents: Slow Hollows with Computerwife in Austin, Texas at Mohawk on April 30, 2024.

Slow Hollows:

After a three-year hiatus, Slow Hollows returns reinvented, sharing new single & video “Old
Yeller.” The genre-defying Los Angeles band founded by songwriter Austin Feinstein is now
his solo project. Though the group amicably disbanded in early 2020, the now 25-year-old artistnever stopped writing songs. The more he fleshed out new material, the more Feinstein realizedit made sense to continue on as Slow Hollows. “Ultimately making a cohesive record was themost important thing to me,” says Feinstein. “Having some time away from the band made merealize what ‘Slow Hollows’ stood for. It's hard to realize what you're getting at when you'redoing it, so the time to myself helped me understand what made it work.”

In sharp contrast to 2019’s Actors, which interpolated R&B and dance music and was influencedby collaborations with Frank Ocean (Feinstein sings the chorus on Blonde’s “Self Control”) andTyler, the Creator (who crafted the beat for Actors’ “Heart”), “Old Yeller” focuses purely onFeinstein’s songwriting, stripping things back to only an acoustic guitar, his voice, and gentleatmospherics. “Old Yeller was recorded in two or three takes one afternoon in September ‘22”shares Feinstein, “The lyrics take inspiration from the job of an old vacuum cleaner; feelingdusty and worn down, working over the same familiar spaces over and over again, untilreaching the point of frustration and resignation. Taking production inspiration from John Cale,we decided to add a drone underneath the track.”

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