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Goes Great With: Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, Interpol

In November of 2020, Rosegarden Funeral Party and their team (Erin Devany of All Hallows’ Productions and Michael Briggs of Civil Audio) embarked on an audio/visual retrospective of covers they dubbed the TAKE COVER Series.  For 12 months the band has released one(sometimes two) full-band cover(s) a month featuring guest musicians on YouTube each with its own music video.  The covers represent not only the band’s extensive musical influences, but the incredible talents of the DFW Music Scene.  Featuring musicians such as Poppy Xander, Scott White, Michael Doty, Lorelei K, Scarlett McPherson, Aaron Gonzales, Jordan Richardson, Bobby Hoke, AND MORE, the TAKE COVER Series by Rosegarden Funeral Party spans the musical spectrum from artists David Bowie to Talk Talk to Tears for Fears.  
On December 8th, Rosegarden Funeral Party and ALL featured musicians will perform all twelve full-band covers from the series.
In addition to the TAKE COVER Series, Rosegarden Funeral Party has also recorded an entirely new 10 song album called “IN THE WAKE OF FIRE.”  The band will be releasing and performing the new album from start to finish directly after the TAKE COVER Series set for the first time ever.
Both sets feature extensive visual elements by Erin Devany of All Hallows’ Productions.
Doors will be at 7:00. Show will start promptly at 8:00.
We cordially invite you to a show over a year in the making.