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Started in 2006, FUN GRIP is a comedy duo consisting of Jeff Swearingen and Brad McEntire. This Texas-based long-form partnership performs with enough energy and presence to create improvisational multitudes. Their show starts with an intitial audience suggestion and from that tiny seed they grow a mighty improvisational oak, branching out with fantastical characters, extraordinary narratives, and usually at least one impersonation of a live animal (or mythological creature of yore).


Self-Diagnosed is a long form improv duo created by Doak Rapp and Nadia DeWolf. Their shows are a wacky array of eclectic characters and narratives all driven by audience suggestions. Much like two cats yelling in the night, this show has something to say and no reservations about making that everyone else's problem. You can find them in any gutter in America or @selfdiagnosedcomedy on instagram to keep up with all their antics.