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August 23, 2019
Doors 8:00pm
Showtime 9:00pm
Dan's Silverleaf (map)
103 Industrial Street
Denton TX 76201

Improv Lotto! Drawing names from a hat at 9:00 to form 4-5 ensembles, no rehearsing-all improvised!

Participants Include:

Daniel Ryan
Jolene Masone
Mike Munywoki
Chelsey Danielle
Erin Cameron
Jessica Stearns
Sarah Jay
Nan Kirkpatrick
Patrick Michot
Sarah Ruth
Ernesto Montiel
Miguel Espinel
Taylor White
Andrew Czornyj
Dahlia Knowles
Chase Gardner
Aaron Gonzalez
Alizsha Pennington
Julie McKendrick
Katie Reese
Rachel Weaver
Chris Curiel
Randall Minick
Lily Taylor
Topher S. J.
courtney marie
Wyatt Reverie
Tom Carter

Proceeds go to KUZU Denton Local Radio

$5 dos | Show at 9pm

Full Lineup: Daniel Ryan, Jolene Masone, Mike Munywoki, Chelsey Danielle, Erin Cameron, Jessica Stearns, Sarah Jay, Nan Kirkpatrick, Patrick Michot, Sarah Ruth, Ernesto Montiel, Miguel Espinel, Taylor White, Andrew Czornyj, Dahlia Knowles, Chase Gardner, Aaron Gonzalez, Alizsha Pennington, Julie Mckendrick, Katie Reese, Racherl Weaver, Chris Curiel, Randall Minick, Lily Taylor, Topher S. J., Courtney Marie, Wyatt Reverie, Tom Carter
21 & up