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Cast your inhibitions aside and join Circus Bitties in navigating the mysteriously woven webs of cards through fortune-telling, love, and art. Bring your curiosity and desires along to explore a night of intimacy and seduction. Step into the mysterious world of burlesque, where the veil between fantasy and reality is thin. Join your hostess and soothsayer, Lotuskitten, as she unlocks the secrets of the tarot through a mesmerizing display of seductive dance, death-defying aerial arts, and dazzling Middle Eastern Dance.

Let the music, lights, and sensual moves of our performers take you on a journey through the major arcana, each symbolizing a different aspect of life and fate. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as Lotuskitten and Circus Bitties’ group of scintillating performers reveal the future and leave you spellbound. The atmosphere is sultry, the energy electric, and the journey through the tarot, one you will never forget. Welcome to a Night of Tarot Show.

18 & up only please


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18 & up