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Join us Sunday, October 18th from 10AM-11AM for a very special event led by Brad Bevill- local celebrity dog trainer. Tickets are $30 and include 45 min seminar, Q&A, and complimentary mimosa upon arrival. 

Bevill Dog Behavior program contains relationship-based, behavioral trainers. We don’t deliver robot dogs – we deliver balanced dogs. A well-known trainer and author, Marc Goldberg, says – “I can train your dog to follow its leader, but I can’t train it to not need one.” And we agree.

To summarize Larry Krohn: Whether you realize it or not – if you have a dog, you are training it. The question is – what are you teaching it? How you live with your dog dictates how your dog lives with you. Obedience training doesn’t create a well-behaved dog. But properly raising a dog does. They are not humans and they are not our children. They are canines and must be respected as such. And they are a precious gift that is not here long enough. So enjoy every minute and never take them for granted.

We have built an ecosystem featuring behavioral trainingstructured boardingstructured daycare, and group classes that is designed to educate humans, train dogs, and rebuild relationships. Our model has proven itself time and time again.

We train dogs to live in a calm, follower state-of-mind, modify their problem behaviors, and educate humans on how to maintain a harmonious home through species specific fulfillment, calm, confident leadership and clear, consistent communication.

Tickets are limited. See you at the park! #creatingrebarkablememories 

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