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El Encuentro - Andalous - the fusion series continues

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August 10, 2018
Doors 7:00pm
Showtime 7:30pm
Latino Cultural Center (map)
2600 Live Oak Street
Dallas TX 75204


Dallas Legend Jamal Mohamed is the Musical Director for another unique collaboration with Julia Alcantara of Ida y Vuelta Flamenco.   
Join us as we explore Flamenco's mysterious Moroccan past.  The Moors ruled Spain for Hundreds of years, and their influence still shows in the Music of Spain today. 
In this concert, there will be a live flamenco by singer guitarist Carlos Garcia, as well as,  Mid-east arrangements by Jamal's "World Ensemble". With the help of Belly Dance troupe Na'Di el Raks. The three groups will demonstrate their individual styles and then fuse them together in a dramatic finale. 
The last 3 numbers have been selected from one of flamenco's most famous LP's. Released in 1979, singer El Lebrijano created "Encuentro" with the Orchestra of Tangier.   
The results of their collaboration stunned the world with its intense sensuality and mesmerizing cante of both styles.  Ida y Vuelta Flamenco And Jamal's World ensemble will re-create this amazing Fairy Tale with the combined help of both dance troupes and Mid-East born flamenco dancer Zyriab Alshefei, 
who will play the Moroccan prince.  
All Ages