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Ronda Ray

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February 14, 2020
Doors 8:00pm
Showtime 9:00pm
Dan's Silverleaf (map)
103 Industrial Street
Denton TX 76201

Singer/Songwriter, Ronda Rayis learning to live her dream one day at a time. Her passion is to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Ronda’s music is like her – country and rock, real and raw.

Music has been a part of Ronda’s life from an early age. And in the style of the free spirit she is, she’s doing what she loves with all her heart taking her music anywhere people will listen.

Her authentic, gritty cowgirl nature and love of rock and roll contribute to her unique sound.

Ronda’s music can best be described as Tom Petty meets Lucinda Williams meets Bruce Springsteen.

Although Ronda grew up playing music from an early age, she didn’t pursue a career in music until January 2013.

You see, she spent 20 years of her life rodeoing and training horses. But, during the winter of 2012, business at the Lazy J Cattle Company where she worked grew slow.

Ronda always knew she had songs in her.

She had been writing songs and working on her guitar playing for some time.

With the cowgirl business slow, she thought, “If I’m going to try this music thing, now is the time,” thinking she would be busy at the ranch again in the spring, never really imagining what was to come.

She jumped in Ronda style, all in, with both feet. People were receptive to her songs and her passion everywhere she went. Someone went as far as to pay her for playing and she was hooked, booking gigs and making friends all over the world!

Doors at 8


21 & up