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It’s time for the increditable, the indestructible, the absolutely amazing, Igor and The Red Elvises. Get ready for your favorite band and a night of classic songs about belly dancing, Disco fingers and used Hondas Friday March 1rst at Poor Davids Pub in Dallas. Joining Igor and the Red Elvises will be the man of Blitzbrieg Bopping madness The Ramone a one man band tribute to the Ramones playing all your favorites. He’s big in Japan and Judy likes it. You can sing along too.  Free Taco dinners from Lucky’s Tacos. That’s a wild and wacky Friday of Igor and the Red Elvises, The Ramone, and Tacos Tacos Tacos. Don’t miss it. This is a KNON Benefit event. Don’t miss it or you’ll be forever trying make up for lost fun.SUITES FEATURE SEATING FOR 4 IN PRIVATE AREA

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