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We hate to announce a delay, but with the weather we were all hit with in the last week, there's just no way to pull of the festival this weekend.
There's been a delay in glassware delivery, the production team hasn't been able to work this week due to temps and freezing equipment (which means no canned FOD 2021 beer - this was just an empty can we snapped to show the label), and we had a couple of pipes burst in our taproom restroom that we need to repair before we can open.
All that being said, please read carefully for reschedule information below.


Festival of Darkness is a celebration of our darkest beers - our stouts. 

In the past, we've had a huge event with hundreds of people, but that is no longer the way in 2021. 

Read carefully, as we have multiple offerings for you to choose your level of enjoyment and involvement. 

The options are:

  • Virtual Festival of Darkness (Available for pick up starting Wednesday, March 3)
  • Friday Flight (Friday, March 5, 2 sessions available)
  • Festival of Darkness Exclusive Ticketed Event (evening of Saturday, March 6)
  • Glass + Pour OR Glass + FOD 2021 4 pack  (Available for pick up starting Wednesday, March 3) 


Not quite ready to hang out? THAT’S OK! We understand and still want you to be a part of this annual festival. 

Snag a virtual ticket! You'll just need to swing by the brewery to pick up your package to go during our business hours starting Wednesday, March 3, at 4:00 PM. 

Virtual tickets will include:

  • A mixed 6 pack that includes 6, 12 oz. cans - one can each:

    • Full Grown Man-Child (Coffee Chocolate Stout)

    • Full Grown Jack (Pumpkin Spiced Imperial Stout)

    • Bourbon Barrel Aged Full Grown Jack (Jack aged in IronRoot Republic Bourbon Barrels)

    • Full Grown Nick (Holiday Spiced Imperial Stout)

    • Bourbon Barrel Aged Full Grown Beast (Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout aged in Blanton’s Bourbon Barrels)

    • FOD 2021 (Salted Caramel Imperial Stout)

  • 1 full sized FOD glass and 1 FOD taster glass  OR 2 of each glass - you choose your package

  • 1 set of TUPPS branded playing cards

  • 1 bag of pretzels from HUGS Cafe

  • Access to our Festival of Darkness video folder for you to enjoy tasting notes and info on FOD from home with our Head Brewer, Chris


Friday, March 5, we’ll kick of FOD (Festival of Darkness) Weekend with a Flight Night Pairing in the Taproom.  Your ticket will include:

  • A 7 oz. souvenir taster glass that is branded with our theme for this year (A secret we reveal at the event!)

  • A Flight of 4, 5oz. Pours - one pour each:

    • Full Grown Man-Child (Coffee Chocolate Stout)

    • FOD 2020 (Cinnamon Toast Cereal Imperial Stout)

    • FOD 2021 (Salted Caramel Imperial Stout)

    • Bourbon Barrel Aged Full Grown Beast (Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout aged in Blanton's Barrels)

  • A side of Barley by Rye’s Chili Churro Chicharrones (or vegetarian option)

This event will be open to the public - meaning you don’t need a ticket to attend - but you will need a ticket to reserve a flight, as flight availability is limited. 

We will offer 2 sessions, a 5:00 PM Happy Hour session and a 7:30 PM Night Flight Session, with limited flights available during each session. The Night Flight includes live acoustic music on stage. 

Barley by Rye will be open with their full menu from 5:00-9:00 PM so you can grab dinner before or after your flight, and we’ll have a full selection of other beer, hard seltzer, and non-alcoholic options for whoever you choose to attend with.




Saturday, March 6, we will close to the public for the evening for a VERY scaled down version of our annual festival.  We will offer very few VIP tickets, as well as general admission tickets. Please read carefully for information on both, as well as our guidelines and other available options. 


  • Early entry at 6:00 PM
  • a full size FOD glass
  • a small taster glass
  • TUPPS branded playing cards
  • $10 credit to Barley by Rye for dinner (must be used night of FOD)
  • Tasting card that includes 5, 4oz. taster pours and 1 full sized pint

GENERAL ADMISSION tickets include:

  • Admission starting at 7:00 PM 

  • a full size FOD glass

  • $10 credit to Barley by Rye for dinner (must be used night of FOD)

  • Tasting card that includes 5, 4oz. taster pours and 1 full sized pint

We’ll have live music starting at 7:00 PM from local favorites Corina Grove & Mitchell Ferguson. The back garage door will be open to allow access to Barley by Rye and to allow outside seating. We’ll also have a fire pit or two going that night, to make our outdoor seating a little more bearable. 

We will keep a few taps light and keep our hard seltzers available, as well as many non-alcoholic options, if you’d like to attend with someone who is not a stout fan. Each person attending the festival in person will need a ticket, whether they are drinking or not.

GLASS + FOD 2021

Just want the glass and some FOD 2021? 

We’re offering a glass + single pour of FOD 2021 for $15. 

OR a glass + 4 pack of FOD 2021 to take home for $25.

Reserve yours now! 

We will have individual glasses available starting March 7, IF there any left. 

Pick up any time after Wednesday, March 3 at 4:00 PM. 


We ask that masks are worn any time you are not seated, and ask that you are seated any time you are not entering, exiting, ordering, or using the restroom. 

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the taproom for use.

  1. Full Grown Man-Child 

  2. Full Grown Pastry Chef - Peanut Butter 

  3. Red Wine Barrel Aged Full Grown Man 

  4. Full Grown Nick, Holiday Spiced Imperial Stout

  5. Full Grown Jack, Pumpkin Spiced Imperial Stout

  6. FOD 2020, Cinnamon Toast Cereal Imperial Stout

  7. Cinnamon Full Grown Man

  8. Bourbon Barrel Aged Full Grown Beast, Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout aged in Blanton's Barrels

  9. Full Grown Hombre, Imperial Stout with Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Ancho Chiles

  10. Full Grown Man

  11. Full Grown Pastry Chef - S’mores with Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker

  12. Full Grown Pastry Chef - Peanut Butter & Bacon

  13. Full Grown Pastry Chef - Mint Chocolate 

  14. Full Grown Woodsman - Imperial Stout with Maple Syrup and Aged on Oak

  15. Dive Bar Brunch - Stout with Cold Brew, Coconut, and Cocoa Nibs

  16. Full Grown Scallywag, Imperial Stout with Coconut 

  17.  FOD 2021, Imperial Stout with Salted Caramel

  18. Plus a limited Firkin that we'll reveal soon! 

We will make some of these available on Sunday for pints in house and crowler pick ups. Stay tuned to social media the list on Sunday, February 21! 

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