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Confetti Eddie's Holiday Magic Show

Confetti Eddie, Bethany Summersizzle, Poppy Xander

$20.00 to $30.00 +fee
18 & up

Confetti Eddie's Magic Parlor

823 Exposition Ave

Dallas, TX 75226

Confetti Eddie's Holiday Magic Show

This is our Holiday Magic Show !

Join us for an evening of Magic , Illusion, Music, Mystery, and Burlesque.

With Bethany Summersizzle , Poppy Xander , Confetti Eddie 


What You’ll Do

Magicians evolved from pulling rabbits out of hats to crafting modern day media spectaculars, but many of these mind-twisting tricks build upon illusions of the past. Head to magician Confetti Eddie’s private studio as you get an insider’s peek into the history of magic and a workshop where the tricks themselves are built. Then you’ll sit down for a dazzling magic performance and get the chance to speak with the performers after the show.

Confetti Eddie will perform magic and Illusions in a parlor setting.

Also on the show Burlesque and Circus performer Bethany Summersizzle , and musical guest Poppy Xander.

One hour thirty minute show with intermission. Light snacks and drinks will be provided at no extra cost. 

Limited seating only 50 tickets available.

Magic Gallery Tour and Performance 
Walk through a magician’s personal studio to learn about the history of tricks and how they’re made before sitting down for a wow-worthy magic show

Ask the Magicians 
Chat with the magic-makers after the show to satiate all your burning sorcery questions.

Listen to a podcast from the Dallas Morning News Mixed Media project  featuring Confetti Eddie HERE .

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