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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024 



Doors: 6:00PM 

Show: 7:00PM 




Bird and Byron are an indie rock and soul duo based out of Nashville, TN. After graduating college, the two childhood friends joined forces and decided to make their dreams a reality.  After starting their careers in Los Angeles, California, Blake (Bird) and Nick (Byron) moved back to Columbus once the global pandemic had begun. While in LA, they released their first four singles, along with a music video accompanying the song "Life Is a Bore". Back in Columbus, the duo started their "One Take Tuesday" weekly posts. Every Tuesday, a video would be posted on social media of Nick and Blake playing an original song or a cover. Since the inception of the video series, Bird and Byron have garnered attention and reposts from James Taylor, Willow Smith, Coldplay, Noah Kahan, Mt. Joy, Brittany Broski, and many others. Since its inception, the duo have posted 110+ "One Take Tuesdays". The success of the "One Take Tuesday" series allowed Bird and Byron to record their debut EP at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN with esteemed producer Andrija Tokic. The EP was released on October 15th, 2021 and was followed up with festival appearances and sold out shows in Columbus, OH. 

The duo decided to move down to Nashville, TN in May 2022. Since then, they have jelled into music city quickly and found fast success. Following the move, they have hit the road on their first multi city tour, released their second EP,  hit over 210k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, amassed over 95k+ followers on Tik Tok, grown to over 11k+ followers on Instagram, landed sync opportunities in film and TV, and completed work on their debut album, which came out July 14th 2023.   The sky is the limit for the duo, and they are excited to see where they will go.


1 Cannery Row - Nashville, TN - 37203 



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