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Resound Presents: Hotline TNT in Austin, Texas at Ballroom on April 2nd, 2024.

Will Anderson believes in true love — as both concept and catalyst, aspirationand inspiration. During his 34 years, the Hotline TNT founder and architect hasfound such love perhaps half-a-dozen times. Each instance has prompted someenormous swing of commitment, like a cross-country move or simply beinghonest about his budding attraction. It is a hopeful and vulnerable way to exist, away to ensure maximum bruising during the fall of the breakup. And so far forAnderson, that is how it has always ended, whether the air has slowly seeped outof some once-full balloon or whether it has simply popped, those expandedfeelings expelled in an instant.This tension is the brain, blood, and beating heart of Cartwheel, the byproductof Anderson’s decades-long quest to pin down the surging sound long in hishead. But borne of real hurt and continued hope, lit by the flickering belief thatjust maybe things will sort themselves out, Cartwheel transcends those sceneassociations to become something greater—a classic encapsulation of youthfulardor, fading into adulthood’s grim acceptance. It is a beautiful, radical, andengrossing record about trying to find what most of us have not yet attained:fulfillment.Anderson plays and sings nearly every note on Cartwheel himself. He recordedthe bulk of these songs during two very different sessions: one with prolificart-pop-punk auteur Ian Teeple (Silicone Prairie), who pushed him to keepworking on every idea, and one with bicoastal engineer Aron Kobayashi Rich(Momma), who encouraged him to get ideas down and keep moving forward.But Cartwheel itself is seamless, with notions of bedroom studio largesse andpunk simplicity perfectly coiled inside Anderson’s catastrophic visions of truelove.Cartwheel is the band's follow-up to Nineteen In Love, a record that's influencehas spread through fervent word-of-mouth these last couple of years. HotlineTNT toured relentlessly, enduring seemingly endless lineup shifts to become alinchpin of several interconnecting DIY scenes. Their audience steadilyballooned, with Nineteen in Love becoming a coveted LP.


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