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Unfortunately this show is cancelled. Please read a note from JRW:

Hey y’all, thank you for your patience and incredible support while I heal and get as
much info as I can about my health. The good news is that the surgery was successful
and my symptoms have been relieved. The bad news is that some of my lymph nodes
that were removed during surgery tested positive for cancer cells. That means I need
more treatment than we had hoped for post-surgery. So the plan now is that I’ll be
undergoing 6 months of chemo treatment for stage 3 colon cancer, starting in the next
few weeks.
There are manys reason to be optimistic. My doctors say that post-surgery there is a
70% chance I wouldn’t have a reoccurrence of cancer, without the chemo. With the
chemo, that number goes up to 90%. In cancer terms, that’s pretty great news! We want
to be aggressive here and try to hit this hard. That last 10% can be monitored with
regular tests and scans. I’m lucky to have access to great doctors, and they have a plan
to keep me around for a long time.
I’ll be receiving chemo treatment every two weeks, for six months. This will
unfortunately make touring logistically impossible, not to mention that travel and
exposure to large groups of people will be risky due to my compromised immune
system. That means that I have to cancel all of my shows for now and keep my
calendar cleared through late July. During this time home, I’ll be focusing on my health
and staying creative. Hopefully, that means new art to share with you eventually.

Event by
Ox Presents
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