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Sunday, July 14th

Distorted Heartbeat presents





w/ DJ Culturegang



2704 Elm Street

Dallas, TX


Doors 7PM

Show 8PM


The Healer marks Sydney's 7th LP, embarking on a sonic journey todepict the multifaceted aspects of toxic love: from abandonment andaddiction to despair, jealousy, passion, and hate.

A vivid portrayal of a tortured soul navigating the meanders ofEastern Europe, it steeps in the echoes of past wars and spectralmemories. Snowy melodies of bells resonate against mutedlandscapes, while an old television flickers with black and whiteimages, narrating a tragic romance culminating in the tumult ofinternal strife.

Sonically, Sydney traverses the vast expanse of the dark wavespectrum, seamlessly blending elements of EBM, Ambient, Synth-Punk, Italo-Disco, Classical, and Goth-Wave, all anchored by anunwavering pop sensibility, and a sharp sense of humor.

His approach to production and composition strikes a balancebetween the vintage and the contemporary, showcasing his masteryof high production standards while also deconstructing songs to theirraw beginnings. This process exposes the evolution of his pop hits,capturing moments of uncertainty and experimentation as henavigates his creative journey.

These new songs promise to electrify Sydney's upcoming liveperformances, renowned for being among the most dynamic andcaptivating solo acts, setting a standard in electronic musicperformance



unitcode:machine is a powerful blend of electro-industrial, darkwave, rock, and synthpop. Eric Kristoffer’s music is an examination of society and self, and the influences that it has on the psyche. Raised in rural Texas, music was an escape for Eric, and his mother’s obsession with 80s music helped to develop his tastes into more obscure and unconventional styles.


“Critical Fault”, the latest release from unitcode:machine, was produced by Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward) delves into poignant themes, reflecting an intimate wrestle with the self. Embracing vulnerabilities and understanding. Each song forms part of a broader story, symbolized by the visual embodiment of “Critical Fault”.


“Everything about this album exudes strength and sophistication, most especially Kristoffer’s songwriting, which although steeped in the traditional pop structures, executes so well that one simply must sing along.” – Ilker Yücel, Regen Magazine.





ManifestiV founded as an experimental industrial duo in Vallejo, California early 2014 by two morticians that met years prior in Dallas, Texas. Paragraph, guitarist & programmer, joined forces with Lillith, vibraphonist & visual artist. They used their instruments in new ways, scoring the imminent end of human civilization with downtuned guitars & electronic vibraphone hand-built by Lillith, aiming to guide humanity off Earth to explore & build other worlds while possible.

After a live debut at SXSW that same year, Einer Sie Gern, ManifestiV's self-made debut LP recorded in their Vallejo home, spurred extensive DIY touring after its San Francisco release at the tail end of 2014. For years to follow, the duo only stopped US tours for Burning Man & travels to Southeast Asia, Central America & Europe before recording God is a Martian with Nate Nauseda at Prairie Sun in Cotati, California. The EP was mixed after OctouR (spanning 7 months / 45 shows) by CJ Bills near Austin & released late 2018 back in Dallas at Curtain Club, months before it closed.

ManifestiV based in Dallas for 2019, back full circle where they had met on the same decade's other side. After releasing the GiaM counterpart 3vE in the Spring, the band spent summer expanding live personnel with a stellar rhythm section, dear friends borrowed from fellow Dallas band Secret Of Boris, ¶'s other industrial & more hard rock act: bassist / longtime co-¶ axe-man Kevin Porter, and drummer / producer Ryan A.

The newly modular quad format of ManifestiV makes each performance even more of a wild card than the last. The band experimented with modular personnel configurations & testing new material performing throughout Texas at the turn of the decade. Writing & releasing Horsemen at the band's east Texas farm early 2021, the band performed shows with varying member amounts (between duo, trio and quad) behind it while collaborating with Lcn1 on writing a new album for release on GIVE/TAKE directly thereafter. 2022 saw the release firstly of remixes from the new Lcn1 collab, but past albums as well, on The Bitter Truth out on Earth Day. After their native duo's midsummer swoop of their native California with Seattle darkwave artist Nuda, Paragraph & Lillith (surrounding a return to Burning Man 2022) wrapped the new album with the boys for its 2/3/23 release on GIVE/TAKE.

That new album Legacy soundtracks an empty future humanity leaves behind by sticking to its current course of neglecting its connections to nature surrounding it. After its adventurously eponymous Legacy Tour's two legs hitting the southern tip of Texas as the quad & the northern tip of California as the duo in 2023, ManifestiV dedicated 2024's focus to creating & writing its follow-up at their farm & remotely with collaborators. As the apocalypse forecasted closes in around the band, they only emerge from the studio to test new material (based on how life would speculatively thrive post-humanity) on stages in a regional radius.


DJ Culturegang is resident DJ at DARKROOM, a monthly night dedicated to Goth, Post Punk, and more every 3rd Wednesday at Charlie's.