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NTX Beer Week Ping Pong Tourney

Battle the Brewers!

November 10, 2019
Doors Noon
Showtime 1:00pm
Peticolas Brewing Company (map)
1301 Pace St
Dallas TX 75207

Join us for our Ping Pong Tournament at Peticolas Brewing Company in the Design District. Come and battle with our brewers!

It will be a 32 person single elimination tourney; $50 gift certificate goes to the winner.

There is a $15 fee to register (plus $1.24 service fee), but registration includes three beers and entry into the tournament.

First Come First Served.

House Rules

Games go to 11, alternating two serves per player, win by 2. 

If the game goes beyond 11, players alternate serving each time the score is tied. 

The semifinal and final games go to 21, alternating five serves per player, win by 2.

21 & up