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Meat Fight 2018


November 11, 2018
Doors 6:00pm
Sixty Five Hundred (map)
6500 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas TX 75235

And now, we reveal the Meat Fight 2018 game plan. There’s a ton of info here, but you’ve been asking. So here you go:

Texas Monthly’s Barbecue Editor, Daniel Vaughn has burned plenty of restaurants ‘round these parts, and it’s about time he got a taste of his own judgy medicine. 

And so, at this year’s Meat Fight, twelve of Dallas’ premier chefs are taking him to task to get their own sweet, smoky revenge. 

That’s right: This year, it’s 12 Badass Dallas Chefs vs. 1 Normal Daniel Vaughn. Categories of competition: Brisket. Sausage. Ribs. Wild Card. 

Will Daniel dish it out from the pit like he does in print? Or could our 12 chefs conquer Texas’ most notorious BBQ critic?

Taste for yourself at Meat Fight’s first-ever, totally-fair, 12-versus-1 fight to the bitter burnt end.

The Daniel Vaughn Experience will be EXTREMELY limited and will be offered as a bump up to a VIP ticket. Want a guaranteed taste of Daniel’s meat (we hear it and we don’t care)? Become a sponsor! This year’s sponsors will get GUARANTEED Daniel Vaughn tickets. Email for details.

Tickets go on sale: October 4

Event date: November 11

General Admission: $95

VIP: $145 (benefits: early entry and swag including a tray to hold your meats)

This year, the event will be a bit smaller, and it’ll be at sixty five hundred. More details soon! GO MEAT!

21 & up