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Canadian cold wave duo TRAITRS conjure nightmarish tapestries of icy cold post-punk synth and guitars, motorik drum machine rhythms with horror-inspired lyrics and imagery. Their modern take on post-punk and relentless touring has cemented TRAITRS as one of the leading new goth bands in the international underground music scene. Formed in Toronto, Canada in late 2015, vocalist/guitarist Shawn Tucker and synth player Sean-Patrick Nolan bonded over a shared fondness for punk, post-punk, electronic music and art house horror films. In April 2016, TRAITRS released their debut cassette tape Rites and Ritual on the boutique Toronto label, Pleasence Records. TRAITRS quickly garnered attention with their critically acclaimed 2018 follow up Butcher’s Coin (Pleasence Records, Manic Depression Records, Alchera Visions). Based on the strength of lead single “Thin Flesh” and live favorites “The Lovely Wounded” and “The Suffering of Spiders'', Butcher’s Coin has proven itself to be one of the seminal goth releases in modern times. TRAITRS have performed in over 20 different countries including showcases at international festivals: Wave Gothik Treffen, Amphi, Castle Party, Extramuralhas, Nocturnal Culture Night, Wavefest, Canadian Music Week and Pop! Montreal. TRAITRS were the first signing to the brand-new record label Freakwave Records and in November 2021, they released Horses in the Abattoir, which was Sonic Seducer’s Album of the Month and topped several “year end” lists. TRAITRS spent the better part of 2022 supporting She Past Away, Lebanon Hanover and She Wants Revenge all across North America. Starting on February 23, 2023 in Copenhagen, DK and ending on April 25 2024 in Santa Ana, California, TRAITRS opened for alternative EDM legends VNV Nation on the “ Electric Sun World Tour ''.


Post-Punk.com - “Sevit’s music, which can switch from the sentimental to (surprisingly, even) the oddly anthemic lures you in. But the bursts of triumph in Sevit’s music are fleeting; their strength only helps coax a wellspring of feelings deep in the listener’s gut; and sometimes, if you align yourself too intently with Sevit’s aural performance, it can feel like your heart might rip out of your chest.” 


SEVIT is a modern post-punk band from Dallas, Texas, composed of front man Mario Tremaine, keyboardist and programmer, Cam B., guitarist Brian Carlos Weems, and bassist Maddie Fritz. SEVIT was formed in 2018, with original members Cam B. and Brian Carlos Weems. After signing to the Peruvian label InClub Records, they released their first full length album, On the Edge of a Darker Place, in 2020. On the Edge of a Darker Place was well received by the post punk and alternative community, garnering favorable reviews and write ups from notable sites like Post-Punk.com and Obscura Undead to name a few. 


In 2022, SEVIT gained a new lineup, adding Mario Tremaine and Maddie Fritz as their new front man and bassist respectively. SEVIT’s sound draws influences from genres such as post-punk and darkwave, as well as implementing elements of synth-pop, New Wave, and even glam rock to create a unique appeal to listeners. The band’s influences are reflective of their sound pulling strong inspirations from Clan of Xymox, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, Gary Numan, the Cure, David Bowie, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. SEVIT has already impacted the dark subculture by opening for notable, national touring acts such as The Chameleons, Vision Video, She Wants Revenge, Twin Tribes, She Past Away, Actors, Bootblacks and Wingtips, while also playing several local shows to a booming response from fans. 


The band is currently recording and compiling new, original material with the updated lineup in addition to planning their first national tour. 





Dark Post Punk for the eclectic soul