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Today’s spotlight shines on an artist that expresses his unique gifts through music. Singer-songwriter, Tyler Halverson is the real deal. While reflecting on his childhood and where he is now, Halverson shared with us how important music has been all along and what fans can expect moving forward.

“I grew up in South Dakota in a small-town there, kind of grew up playing in church and different little festivals,” he began. “The radio was on a heck of a lot more than the TV was which I’ve very grateful and thankful for.” Halverson recalls growing his love of music thanks to his parents love of music and love for concerts.

During car rides with the radio on, the singer shares listening to 80s and 90s country, as well as, 2000s hip-hop with his parents. “I didn’t really have control over what was playing on the radio, it was whatever my mom or dad were feeling. […] It was all over the damn place [in the best way].”

Specifically, Halverson recalls garnering a liking for artists like George Strait and Garth Brooks from his dad. “My dad was a big fan of that, and then my first country concert was a Montgomery Gentry show and I think that that was a little moment of I think I might want to try this one day. That was a big influence on the songwriting too.” He later added, “Music was always associated with whatever we were doing.”