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An Absolute Pleasure:
Join host Daniel Sybert as he invites and briefly interviews 3 friends and performers. Then chaos ensues, as the improv begins using the conversation for inspiration. It has been and will continue to be "An Absolute Pleasure." 
Rodgers & Hammertime Improvised Musical:
Who loves music?  We do!  This magical musical half-hour features musical house team, Rodgers & Hammertime, who will make up a never before seen and never to be seen again musical right before your eyes.  Each show is filled with hilarity, "oh-so-fancy" choreography and some sweet, sweet musical sounds. It all starts with a suggestion from you and then we make up the music as we go.  It's full of razzle, dazzle and very silly musical moments that are so catchy, you'll be humming all the way home!
Cast: Doug Barton, Hollis Beck, Jeremy Duchin, Beth Jones, Darrin Larson & Debbie McIlhany