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Mind Spiders + Razorbumps

Mind Spiders, Razorbumps, Perdidos

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June 8, 2018
Doors 8:00pm
Showtime 9:00pm
Dan's Silverleaf (map)
103 Industrial Street
Denton TX 76201

When Mind Spiders sprung to life in 2010, the Mark Ryan-led band bared at least a passing resemblance to The Marked Men, the Texas garage-punk band he’d released four beloved albums with. But as time went on, Mind Spiders kept working away from this sound, incorporating more elements that fell into the arenas like new wave or post-punk, sometimes even sounding like the would-be soundtrack to classic sci-fi films. But with the band’s upcoming fifth album Furies, out January 26 on Dirtnap Records, the band all but eliminates their pop hallmarks, as well as their punk aggression, in service of breaking new ground.


There was a song on the Razorbumps demo called "Do You Want to get High?" or something. Basically vocalist Jenn screamed asking whether you wanted to get high while a punky garage band ripped. It was crude, simple, and brilliant. Released on the band's own Sarcophagus Club label, the song and the rest of the demo had just the right amount of pop punk, snark and melody.

Now the Denton, Texas band are set to release Hellrazors, a new album on Pop Wig (home to Turnstile, Bib, Bugg and Firewalker). Following the track “Go With the Flow”, today they release "3 in a Row" that sees them continue their jerky punk attack.

All Ages