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Chefs Alex Seidel, Jeremiah Langhorne, Junior Borges, Peja Krstic and RJ Yoakum are taking their talents to the farm...Old Quail Farm that is! Dedicated to cooking all things local, seasonal and utterly delicious, this lineup of chefs will be flexing their culinary prowess through a bold-flavored menu that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Throughout the evening, your plate will be filled five-star cuisine, using ingredients from several local farms, as you savor exceptional blends poured straight in your glass.  Live music by Nick Brumley and Presley Haile will take you through the evening before ending with a tasty dessert from Jennifer Taylor of Bon Appetit Y’all and Old Quail Run Farm. And don’t miss making a pit stop at Maker’s Mark “Beam Bar” for cocktail hour where you can sip on their specialty cocktail!  

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Chefs for Farmers
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21 & up