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Hydrocephalus Awareness Rock Concert (HARC 2021)

Saturday, May 22nd
All Ages | 4:00pm Start
$10 Advanced
$15 Day of Show
Q&A My experience with Hydrocephalus by Scott Thomas
LINEUP for the Evening:
Lost in Silence
Seven Year Sideshow
I Am Revenant
Another Fable
Obey the Voices
Autumn Reflection
Belfast 6 Pack
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all Ages!!
The 7th Annual HARC event has come BACK TO KNOXVILLE!!! Brought to you by Hydrocephalus Advocates of Tennessee, East Tennessee Music Scene , and Open Chord / All Things Music. Check us out and give a LIKE on our Facebook pages.....
WE are going to rock the night away in support of people with a condition called Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus aka, "Water on the Brain" is a condition where too much Cerebro-spinal fluid builds up in the ventricles and surrounding area of the brain. When this happens a "Shunt" is placed to drain fluid out of the head. Serious illness symptoms occur because of malfunctioning Shunts up to and including fatality in some cases. An average of 1 out of every 500 births are affected by Hydrocephalus with approximately 1 million of us living in America. MANY MANY MORE worldwide. Hydrocephalus can affect any age at different stages in life. Traumatic brain injury is the most common cause at any age.
This show is in memory of Travis Shumate, from East Tennessee, and so many others who have lost their lives due to Hydrocephalus complications. I wish I could remember all the names of people who have passed from complications due to Hydrocephalus over the years. Also those currently fighting with the condition every day.

WE would like you to join us and have a good time for a good cause.
Special THANKS go to Hydrocephalus Support Foundation for supporting the USA and Project Brain Drain from Australia for all the support for this show as well!!
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