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Buckwheat's World
84 min.
Stanley Dural Jr, aka Buckwheat Zydeco, has been recognized as one of Louisiana's greatest living musicians, and was most recently honored with a Lifetime Tribute at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Annual Gala. He has expanded on the musical tradition of his mentor, Clifton Chenier, becoming the first zydeco artist signed to a major record label, the first zydeco artist to perform on a national television show, the first zydeco artist to release a children's album, the first zydeco artist to launch his own record label, and the first zydeco artist to win an Emmy award. He won a Grammy in 2010. Buckwheat has been part of the Creole musical infrastructure of Southwest Louisiana since the 1950s and represents an important link to the segregated, poverty-ridden Louisiana of that period. Despite his international reputation he is very much a "Louisiana country boy" of the old school, who loves to fish, feed his goats, and tinker with his vast collection of old cars. BUCKWHEAT'S WORLD is an innovative approach to presenting documentary material in an online world. By creating a number of thematic threads on a YouTube channel, the viewer can experience 24/7 full-length performances of Buckwheat's peerless music as well as the creative atmosphere surrounding him and his band and the cultural context that nurtures him. It's a wide-angle, behind-the-scenes look at an old-school Louisiana musician in autumn, produced with humor and poignancy. We are presenting a representative compilation of some of Buckwheat’s World videos here in Dallas.
Andrew Kolker, Louis Alvarez