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The Texas Show
90 min.
DVF28’s Texas Show films AMERICAN MOTHER by Jordan E. Cooper (Hurst) A world is shaken when a mother is confronted by the killing of her son. MOUNTAINS ON THE PRAIRIE by Martin Lisius (Arlington) Mountains on the Prairie" is a 6-minute short film that Martin Lisius photographed, narrated and directed. In it, he introduces a particularly colorful kind of thunderstorm called a "supercell." Martin made the film to show the beautiful and majestic side of this otherwise potentially destructive phenomenon. The Mock Destruction of the World by Richard Baily (Dallas) Tommy Roach is an unusual toymaker, who finds grace in malfunction and creativity in decay. A science fiction story plays out as Tommy's toys come to life and describe his strange cosmological vision. Youth Going Bad by Ya'ke Smith (Fort Worth) PHONE GHOST by Jean-Patrick Mahoney (Arlington) follows the story of Mildred Lane, a widowed retiree and nice old lady coping with the loss of her husband, a strained relationship with her daughter, and the prospect of her own looming death. Also, there's a ghost in her phone. Uncommon Threads by Caitlin Stickels (Arlington)  Deep in the pits of the Texas desert, Travis works his ranch, waiting for the day he can finally move on from the murder of his wife. It's like his life paused the day she died. Only the execution of the murderer will offer Travis the revenge he thinks he deserves. But when his daughter surprised him for a visit, he is forced to come to terms with their distant relationship and reconcile the man he has become. The Odds by Jeremy Rovny (Weatherford) The recounting of a duel where a man remembers the pain of losing his true love. Squeezebox by Sam Lerma (Austin) Manuel Casillas reemerges from a musical hiatus determined to embark on a new phase of his career. His plans are put to a halt by a collection of vivid dreams, a group of feral cats, and a strange box containing a substance that devours whatever it touches. Like Everybody Else by Trish Dalton and Scott David (Dallas)  A Few Small Steps is a portrait of Tim, a former Marine and Boy Scout who seems to epitomize middle-class America,except that unlike most of us, he knows what it means to be homeless. Tim's experiences, and his dreams of an ordinary life, provide a unique perspective on American life that everyone should hear. INHIBITED by Alexia Salingaros (Dallas)  Sometimes the hardest traps to break free from are the ones we create for ourselves.