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Field Nigga's
60 min.
An hour-long Harlem nocturne of near-hallucinatory intensity, Khalik Allah's provocatively-titled Field Niggas seeks to give a voice to the voiceless and a face to the faceless. But while admirable in its intentions and distinctive in its aesthetic, the project is ultimately hobbled by repetitiveness and directorial self-regard. Having reaped attention and critical support at Missouri's True/False Film Festival earlier this year, this clear-eyed depiction of America's marginalized urban poor is set for a mid-July Brooklyn exposure courtesy of Rooftop Films. Further special-event exhibition at edgy venues and festivals is indicated for a flawed but fascinating work which would likely play just as well as a gallery-type installation.
— Hollywood Reporter
Khalik Allah

Director Bio
I don’t see other photographers where I shoot, only surveillance cameras. When asked if fear was the main theme of my work I said it’s not fear, but the removal of fear leading to the awareness of Love that interest me. We don’t react to anything directly in the world, only to our interpretation of things. And our interpretations are mostly wrong. Photography is a therapeutic tool I use to confront my own perception, and challenge my ego. It strengthens my spirit when I see passed appearances and approach people who I would’ve otherwise avoided.